10 Most Expensive NFT’s Ever Sold

NFT’s seems to be exploded this year. And everyone’s talking about it these days. But what is NFT’s?

An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos.

So, which are the most expensive ever sold? Let’s find out.

10.) CryptoPunk #2140 — $804,000

Image source: https://www.larvalabs.com/cryptopunks/details/2140

Created by Larva Labs Ape punks is the #10 in our list. He has cool looking shades, a knitted cap and is owned by address grunar.eth who now owns 3 punks in total.

Sounds crazy that when CryptoPunk first came out in 2017, they were being given away for free to anyone with an Ethereum Wallet.

The rarer types include the Apes, as we said there are only 24 of them, Zombies of which there are 88 and Aliens, of which there are only 9!

9.) The First Tweet – $2.9 Million

Image source: https://theredheadriter.com/2014/05/how-to-find-your-first-tweet-and-my-first-twitter-tweet/

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter auctioned off his first tweet as an NFT, which sold for around $2.9 million. The tweet was posted on 21 March 2006, stating “just setting up my Twitter”.

It was bought by Sina Estavi, the CEO of Bridge Oracle. After the sale, Dorsey converted all the proceeds into Bitcoin and donated all of it to a charity in Africa via GiveDirectly.

It wasn’t an easy win, however, as Estavi had to compete with other buyers like Justin Sun, CEO of BitTorrent and founder of TRON. Apart from Dorsey’s first tweet, Estavi is also known to have made a bid on a tweet from Elon Musk about an NFT for $1.1 million.

8.) Replicator – $4.1 Million

The replicator illustrates a photocopy machine in a small dimly lit room. It is the first “multi-generational NFT” to ever hit the space.

Created by Canadian artist Michah Dowbak, popularly known by the moniker Mad Dog Jones, Interestingly, Replicator is designed to print new NFTs every 28 days, enabling its holder to own 180 to 220 new NFTs over time.

7.) Stay Free (Edward Snowden) – $5.4 Million

Image source: https://www.nftculture.com/nft-news/edward-snowden-nft-stay-free/

Edward Snowden is a CIA contractor who blew the whistle on the existence of mass surveillance programs conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013. Sold his very first NFT, an image of his face overlapping the pages of court documents that ruled that the NSA’s wide-ranging surveillance programs violated US law.

6.) World Wide Web Source Code (Sir Tim Berners Lee) – $5.4 million

Image source: https://nftevening.com/world-wide-web-code-nft-price-soars/

Tim Berners Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web sold a staggering 5.7 million dollars when of his creation’s source code. 100% of the money will be donated to charity.

The single NFT included 4 different pieces, which were time-stamped source code files, a video animation of the code’s creation, a letter by the creator, and Sir Tim’s self-designed digital poster of his code.

5.) Ocean Front – $6 million

Image source: https://niftygateway.com/itemdetail/primary/0x0151834a6997f89eb8372ac54ac077d79bb4d1e0/7

Ocean Front is another one of Beeple’s new creation that portrays the dangers of climate change. 

The starting bid was $2.77 million with Tron Founder Justin Sun, Middle Eastern music studio 3F Music and NFT whale BabyBeluga trying to outbid each other. Justin ultimately drew the winning bid at $6 million.

4.) Crossroad – $6.6 million

Image source: https://www.businessinsider.com/nft-investing-crypto-art-what-is-a-gas-fee-explained-2021-3

Another digital work by Beeple, Crossroad which was resold for $6.6 million on Nifty Gateway, an NFT marketplace. The work shows an illustration of former US President Donald Trump lying down with several marks on his skin after losing the 2020 US presidential elections.

According to Beeple, the design of the artwork is meant to change based on what the outcome of the election would be, which is why he also created a different version of the artwork in case Trump won.

3.) CryptoPunk #7804 – $7.57 million

Image source: https://www.larvalabs.com/cryptopunks/details/7804

Punk #7804 is another NFT from the CryptoPunk series that was sold at $7.57 million. It is another Alien Punk, which is extremely rare. Furthermore, it wears 3 accessories including a pipe, cap and sunglasses. Note that only 378 Punks use pipes, only 254 wear caps and only 317 wear small shades.

2.) CryptoPunk #3100 – $7.58 million

Image source: https://www.larvalabs.com/cryptopunks/details/3100

CryptoPunks are collectibles composed of 8-bit images of humanoid characters known as Punks; each having unique traits. 

Punk #3100 is an extremely rare piece since it is one of the “Alien” types, which comprise merely 9 out of 10,000 CryptoPunks. Another addition to the character’s rarity is its headband as only 405 other Punks wear this accessory.

1.) The First 5,000 Days – $69 million

Image source: Beeple

The First 5,000 Days made by a veteran digital artist and graphic designer named Mike Winkelmann. He started creating the collage in May 2007, posting art pieces every single day for 13 years!

The artwork was exclusively offered in Christie’s, an NFT auction house, which was bought for $69,346,250 by crypto billionaire MetaKovan. The sale also marked the first purely digital-work auction on NFTs where a cryptocurrency (ETH) was used as payment.

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