5 Things You Didn’t Know Had Names

#1) Aglets

Did you know that that little plastic tip on the end of your shoelaces has an actual name?

I bet you would’ve never guessed it’s name is an Aglet. The word itself comes from the Middle French and Old French word Aguilette which means “needle” or “pin”. They were originally made of metal, glass, or stone and they were used to tye ribbons or fasten clothing together.

#2) Nurdle

I bet most mornings you wake up, brush your teeth, and I’m sure at some point you’ve used toothpaste similar to the one above with the three stripes in it. Well now, you can sound like the smartest person in the room because that little bit of toothpaste you put on the brush has an actual name.

It’s name is a “Nurdle” of toothpaste. Believe it or not, in 2010 Colgate with their red white and blue Nurdle faced off in court against Aquafresh claiming that the entire concept of the stripes in the toothpaste was theirs(“Aquafresh”). Who would’ve ever thought two toothpaste companies would’ve fought over some colors.

#3) Lemniscate

Most, if not everyone knows it as the Infinity symbol or a figure 8, but the technical term Lemniscate sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it? “Ah yes they are racing the Lemniscate”, “Let me make a Lemniscate with my sparkler”, sounds pretty awesome if you ask me.

#4) Petrichor

The word Petrichor is actually what you smell after it rains, or the smell in the very early morning before / as the sun rises

#5) Glabella

The one little section between your eyebrows, you know, the one keeping your two eyebrows from turning in to a unibrow, that little patch of skin actually has a name, and it’s name is the Glabella

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