6 things that will happen once Queen Elizabeth dies.

At 92 years old, she is the longest-reigning British monarch, having taken the throne at the young age of 25 in 1952.

Thus, it is understandable, that when she is no longer with us it will be a huge shock in the entire world.

Her mother lived through the age of 101, so longevity is in her blood. But death is inevitable, and — as is the British way — there are intricate plans for Elizabeth’s passing to assure the situation is handled gracefully, and full of the tradition, and ceremony the beloved Queen deserves.

1. Operation “London Bridge” will go into effect.

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Operation London Bridge is a codename that refers to the plan for what will happen in the days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

In keeping with tradition, once news of her death has been formally announced, a footman in full mourning dress will pin a black-edged notice to the gates of Buckingham Palace detailing a ten-day mourning period. Simultaneously, the palace website will post a similar message on a single black homepage.

2. Code names will be spoken.

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After her death, The Queen’s doctor and the Queen’s private secretary – will call the Prime Minister, currently Boris Johnson, and say “London Bridge is down.”

Then all the Britain’s Foreign Office will call the various governments where the Queen is head of state and the 36 nations in the Commonwealth (that includes India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc. ) association of independent former colonies where she remains as the queen, to let them know the sad news of her passing.

As the longest-reigning British monarch, mother of four, grandmother of eight and great-grandmother of five, her life has been devoted to service – and doing it with flair.

3. The bells will toll

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It is expected that London will be the centerpiece of the news as the ceremonial traditions for which we’ve come to admire the British will begin.

Bells will toll in churches around the city. Flags will be lowered to half-mast.

In the event of royal deaths, Westminster Abbey’s famous tenor bell, rung will be heard; as on most solemn occasions, Westminster’s bells will be muted.

St. Paul’s Great Tom will toll as well. All the events, business, sports, birthday parties, etc. will likely close or be canceled.

The nation will enter a ten-day period of mourning before the funeral. And the people will begin to gather outside Buckingham Palace.

4. King Charles will take the throne

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Two things will surely happen.

“There is the demise of a sovereign and then there is the making of a king.”

Charles will make a speech on the evening of the Queen’s death to address the people. Then on the next day, at exactly 11 a.m., Charles will be proclaimed King. He will swear an oath called the “accession declaration.”

Heralds will read a proclamation throughout the city, trumpets will sound, the flag will be raised back up, and cannons will go off in a royal salute.

The coronation, however, won’t happen for months to allow time for a mourning period and preparation of the ceremony.

5. The Queen will lie in state

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The Queen’s coffin will travel to Westminster Hall in a slow procession from Buckingham Palace.

In 2002, the Queen Mother’s funeral had 1,600 servicemen and women were involved in the procession, where Beethoven’s Funeral March was played and a royal gun salute sounded off.

After arriving at Westminster, the public will be allowed to visit and pay their respects to the Queen for several days.

6. Commonwealth will be uncertain, but the monarchy will remain.

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Almost 70 percent of Brits are in favor of having a monarchy, according to the recent poll.

Charles likely to have a short reign due to his old age, but the monarchy will continue to flourish as the popular younger generation then takes the reins.

During the latest Commonwealth meeting, the Queen asserted it was her “sincere wish” that Prince Charles carry on as head of the Commonwealth.

There is no absolute idea as to what will happen to the Commonwealth, the voluntary association of independent former colonies that accounts for over a third of the world’s population.

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