7 Countries That Are Impossible To Invade

Ever since the beginning, countries or empires persistently fight for supremacy. It is an innate nature for each society to be highly competitive, territorial yet narcissistic, and in some cases dangerous.

History is not complete without wars, imperialism, and territorial expansion. From Alexander The Great to Adolf Hitler to Genghis Khan.  They are only a few of the hundreds of thousands of invaders in world history. 

However, throughout history, there have been some countries or empires that have almost never been invaded, These countries have some uncanny immunity that kept invaders at bay in the past and keeps them away even now.

These are the top 10 countries that are almost impossible to invade or have never been invaded.


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Iran is one of the most powerful countries in the Middle East. It also has the largest army in the region. Iran was one of the greatest civilizations Persia has been a hotspot of countless wars, with other civilizations. But they have somehow managed to keep invaders at bay.

Iran’s geographic location is one of the reasons why it’s almost impossible for enemies to penetrate them. Iran is surrounded by mountain peaks on all sides.  In these mountain peaks, hides bunkers in which reside Iranian spy soldiers monitor the terrain 24×7 for invaders. Apart from this, Iran has an enormous underground missile base network that stretches over the entire area of the country. 

Moreover, the 500,000 military personnel, 1658 tanks, 137 fighter planes, and extremely advanced nuclear ammunition is the reason why its rival Saudi Arabia hates them so much.


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Australia’s geography is its shield against invaders. The very fact that Australia sits between large seas thwarts any potential invaders.

If enemies happen to land in their soil and endless stretch of desert with no water and life awaits them. Only 30% of Australia is habitable. The only nearest Australia’s nearest potential enemy is Japan and Indonesia, which itself is thousands of miles away, separated by the Pacific Ocean.

So if the Japanese decide to invade Australia (which it did during World War II and then chickened out), they will have to first navigate through 11000 km of ocean water. 

Once they land, they will have to face the wrath of the endless scorching dessert. Here an enemy either dies of dehydration and exhaustion or is killed by hidden guerilla warrior groups. By the time the army arrives at the capital, they will be so weakened that the Australian military finish them all easily.


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Switzerland is the best country for neutrality. Switzerland doesn’t have any enemies and they are best friends with world superpowers like France, Germany, USA etc. .  These “best-friend” countries have large amounts of assets deposited in Swiss banks.

So it’s hard to imagine any country that wants trouble with so many powerful countries, no one will dare and in fact, no one really dared throughout history to invade Switzerland even the relentless Nazis during WW2. 

But most of all Switzerland knows how to defend itself. The soaring Alpine mountains, 24×7 army surveillance from hidden bunkers and fortresses amidst the mountains will weaken any notorious invaders’ manifold. If they manage to reach the Swiss borders somehow, the citizens of this country have permission to possess a weapon, along with military training. 

North Korea

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The North Korean army is the second largest in the world, only behind the USA. North Korea has 700,000 active and 4,500,000 reserve military personnel, 4200 tanks, 458 fighter planes, 967 battleships, and 8 nuclear warheads. 

Its nuclear prowess alone is enough to daunt the biggest and most powerful countries of the world. 

During the Korean War in the 1950s, even the combined forces of the USA and South Korea couldn’t conquer North Korea. That should give you an idea of how difficult it is to invade this tiny country.

North Korea has many enemies and its fingers in many suspicious pies. Yet no one will dare to declare on North Korea. There have been many times when the world has anticipated war between the USA and North Korea due to their tense relations. But even the USA is reluctant to do so. More so because of North Korea’s friendship with China, with whom the USA doesn’t want to spoil relationships. North Korea is one of the most vicious countries in the world, and unfortunately, nearly impossible to invade.


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Yet another island country on the list, Japan is as powerful as it is tiny. Japan is one of the most advanced, the most developed, and the most powerful countries. History is evidence of its military and technological prowess. The Japanese economy is the 4th largest in the world, and its annual military budget is over 50 billion US dollars. They have one of the world’s most advanced military ammunition, with unmatchable technology and supremacy. 70 years ago, during World War II, the USA had to drop two atom bombs in Japan to stop them from prolonging the war. This is how dangerous and how powerful the Japanese are.

If an invader still wants to invade Japan, he will have to cross an ocean to reach it, which is far from easy. And if they aren’t ripped to shreds then by the Japanese, allies like the USA (they became friends after WWII) will knock them out. Imagine both the USA and Japan together against any country. The outcome of this situation should be clear to any layman even remotely familiar with World Politics.


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Russia is the largest country in the world. This alone is one of the biggest defenses of this country. Think, invaders like Napolean and Hitler couldn’t conquer Russia. And any present-day invader definitely cannot match up to their level OR invade Russia, let alone subdue it. The Russian geography in itself is Russia’s biggest armor against any potential invaders. In fact, the Russian generals joke that all they have to do is step back and watch the climate do its job.

The climate of Russia is indeed deadly. Its freezing Siberian temperatures and treacherous mountains are impossible to navigate. By the time an army makes it to the Russian mainland, they will have wasted so many resources that it will be a cakewalk for the Russian army to subdue them. For the record, the Russian military has 850000 active personnel, 3500 military aircraft, and a mind-blowing 7000 nuclear missiles. Now imagine having to face and subdue that level of military prowess.

United States of America

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Endless wars have taken place on the surface of the earth. Some tiny, some lethal like WWI and WWII. These wars affected almost every country in terms of economy, death toll and resource depletion. Not the USA. If Donald Trump wishes to, he can order the US military to destroy every country on the planet not once, but more than seven times. In succession.

The annual military budget of this world superpower is an astounding $600 billion. They’re also allowed to possess a weapon of their own. There are 112 guns in the USA per 100 persons (that’s more guns than people!) And American patriotism is so strong that they will shoot anyone for daring to look at the USA with malicious intentions.

The geography and size of the USA are also one of the biggest armors it has. It has the vast Arizona desert, the soaring Rockies and Appalachian mountains, a massive network of rivers, plateaus, and snowy Alaskan landscapes. On two sides, it is surrounded by massive oceans, the Pacific on the West and Atlantic on the East. All of these, along with its military prowess which is the best, THE BEST on this planet, makes the USA the most difficult country to invade.

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