As they say, beauty is subjective. But when it comes to these fishes in the list, I’m pretty sure that everyone will agree that they are all indeed ugly.

These seven fishes often find themselves selected as among the most hideous denizens of the deep.

However, they certainly prove that looks aren’t everything as each is perfectly adapted to living in its environment, which is among the most challenging on the planet.

7.) Barreleye’s Fish

Where it is found: Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans

This deep-underwater fish is an incredibly ugly deep-sea creature. They are also called known as “spook fish”.

They are found in the temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. The fish are named for the shape of their eyes, which look like tubes or barrels. They are directed upwards to allow the fish to detect prey more easily.

And it’s not just the eye, their heads are see-through and they can use their tube-like eyes to look upward through their own heads.

6.) Viper Fish

Where it is found: Temperate and tropical waters worldwide.

If there is an ultimate Alien fish, then we found one. The viperfish has somewhat scary, long, needle-shaped teeth and a distinctive lower jaw. They live in the depths of the ocean, in temperate or tropical waters (around 1,000 to 5,000 meters).

They are one of several fish on this list that is capable of luring in their prey with photophores or light-producing organs. Which is in the sides of its body and at the end of the dorsal fin spine. The light flashes on and off, not unlike the anglerfish.

Viperfish can vary in color from green to black and can live, scientists believe, up to forty years in the wild. They are covered in an unknown substance that looks like scales. 

5.) Wobbegong Shark

Where it is found: Pacific and Eastern Indian Oceans

The wobbegong spends most of its life on the ocean floor. You can find them in the tropical waters around the Pacific Ocean and the eastern Indian Ocean.

They are named after an Australian Aboriginal word meaning “shaggy beard.” because of their funny-looking beards. They camouflage which allows them to blend into their surroundings. And can mimic the ocean floor.

They are bottom-dwelling sharks and spend most of their life resting along the seafloor. They only grow to be around four feet in length and they have thin teeth that help them catch their prey.

4.) Cookie-Cutter Shark

Where it is found: Warm waters worldwide

The cookie-cutter shark is one of the smallest sharks about half a meter long with a body that looks like a cigar. The shark is regarded as a parasite due to its habit of biting rounded pieces off of other animals and even non-organic material, with its small, sharp teeth. Cookiecutter shark bites have been seen on submarines, undersea cables, and in rare cases human flesh.

It’s classified as a facultative ectoparasite and usually works as an ambush predator. Interestingly, it also migrates up from around two miles below the ocean’s surface daily.

3.) Goblin Shark

Where it is found: Below 100m or 330 feet worldwide

The goblin shark is a rare species of shark with so bizarre fossil-like appearance. It has pink-toned skin and a distinctive snout shape. Their snouts are elongated and stick out past their teeth. Their jaws also protrude from their faces and are filled with skinny, incredibly sharp teeth. The goblin shark is known for its slimline body and compact, rounded pectoral fins.

The goblin sharks’ reproductive behaviors are just as unique as their appearance. Although not confirmed as of yet, scientists believe that the shark’s embryos grow through the consumption of undeveloped eggs.

2.) Blobfish

Where it is found: Coasts of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand.

The blobfish is a very strange fish that lives in the ocean’s depths. It’s gained some amount of fame due to its appearance and is mainly found off of the coasts of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. The fish has often been referred to as the “world’s ugliest animal.” The fish has often been referred to as the “world’s ugliest animal.” The Ugly Animal Preservation Society gave the blobfish the unwanted title.

It has a jelly-like anatomy, a huge snout or nose, tiny beady eyes, and human-like lips. It is made of a gelatinous mass that allows the fish to float above the seafloor and use their mouths to suck in prey that passes by. They eat shellfish, crabs, sea pens, crustaceans, and more. 

1.) Red Handfish

Where it is found: Southern Australia 

The red handfish is sometimes cited as one of the ugliest fish in the Earth’s oceans. But, it is incredibly interesting too. The fish also has a unique way of traveling. That is, they use their fins to move across the reefs in a way that makes them look like they’re walking.

This is a technique used by certain members of the Goby family, such as mudskippers. Unfortunately, the red handfish is on the brink of extinction and is native to just two small coral reefs. 

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