8 Extinct Dog Breeds

According to the American Canine Federation, there are over 350 recognized dog breeds across the world. But through the years there are also extinct dogs that you may never hear of before.

Most of these dogs have gone extinct because people no longer find these dogs desirable.

In this article, I am going to provide you with information about 15 extinct dog breeds so you can learn more about what happened to extinct dogs and how we can preserve modern pedigrees.

8.) Talbot

Image source: https://doglime.com/talbot-hound/

Talbot existed in medieval times and was very common in England. Talbot is good at hunting and usually depicted in artwork like this as mostly small or medium-sized dogs.

Though Talbots have disappeared, it is believed that their descendants were still roaming around the Earth. The modern Beagle and Bloodhounds are likely the ancestors of the Talbots. This breed became extinct in the late eighteenth century but no one truly knows why and still a mystery.

7.) Salish Wool Dog (aka Woolly Dogs)

Image source: https://www.americanindianmagazine.org/story/a-woolly-tale

The Salish Woold dog lived from the Bute Inlet in British Columbia to the Columbia River in Oregon. And as the name suggests, the Salish Wool Dog was characterized by its white wooly fur and small build.

With the absence of sheep at that time, people would shear the dog’s coats in early summer to make Salish blankets and other textiles. The fur of the wool dog was very thick and rich in texture but ultimately was no longer needed as textiles became easier to come by.

6.) Moscow Water Dog 

Image source: https://doglime.com/moscow-water-dog/

As the name suggests, the Moscow Water Dogs were trained by the Russian Navy to perform water rescues. They are also known as the Moscow Retriever. They existed after World War II, and the temperament of the dog was violent. These dogs tended to bite sailors rather than pull them to safety as they were intended to.

Because of their violent nature, the Soviet Army had to stop the breeding program and in the 1980’s they became extinct.

5.) Kuri Dog

Image source: https://www.stuff.co.nz/science/72787645/extinct-dogs-voyage-from-indonesia-to-nz

The Kuri dog roamed in New Zealand where the name Kuri came from the Maori tribes as their ancestors brought the dog breed while migrating from East Polynesia.

The Kuri dog is one of the oldest breeds to have walked on the Earth and left behind many tales. The Maori tradition believed that the brother-in-law of Maui transformed into the first dog. Kuri dogs became extinct in the 1860s when the European settlers began to flood into New Zealand. This extinction was due to the fact Kuri dogs could not survive interbreeding with European dogs.

4.) Molossus Dog

Image source: https://celebritypets.net/worlds-biggest-dog-euphrates-6ft-tall-huge-softie/

The Molossus dog is one of the most ancient dogs that lived as far as 5,000 B.C during the greek ancient times. In fact, their image is used on the silver coinage issued as the emblem of the Molossians in Greece.

The ancient literature confirmed the popularity of the Molossus dog often mentioned in various writings such as by Statius, Aristotle, Virgil, Horace, Martial, Lucan, Seneca, and other scholars. This dog marked its history in Ancient Greece and was used for fighting, hunting, and protecting the house and livestock.  

3.) Hawaiian Poi Dog

Image source: https://healthyhomemadedogtreats.com/7-facts-you-never-knew-about-hawaiian-poi-dog/

The Hawaiian Poi Dog was recognizable due to its short stature and a short fur coat that came in a variety of colors.

It’s believed to have come to Hawaii with the Polynesians during the first settlement centuries ago. Its sweet disposition made it a great dog to have around children, however, the Hawaiian Poi Dog was most commonly used as a food source. As other dogs were introduced to the island, the Hawaiian Poi Dog succumbed to interbreeding and became extinct in the early 19th century.

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