8 Most Heavily Guarded Places on Earth

It is not surprising that the most heavily guarded place on Earth is also some of the most mysterious location on Earth.

There is only a handful of places that can be considered the safest places in the world. Whether they’re supposedly keeping the alien secrets at Area 51, guarding the most powerful person on Earth which is the US president at the White House, or setting up a fail-safe in case of a global catastrophe at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

We’ve compiled here the eight of the most secured spots on the planet.

1.) Fort Knox, USA

Image source: wdrb.com

The building houses tons of gold and silver reserve of the United States. Thus, it is one of the most closely guarded places on Earth. Fort Knox is heavily protected 24/7 by the United States Armed Guards making it impossible to step in to the area unless you were invited of course.

2.) The White House, USA

Image source: theguardianuk.com

It’s not surprising that the most powerful person in the world, the US President’s home remains one of the most heavily guarded buildings in the world. An iron fence surrounds the property which is fitted with bulletproof windows and a secret service detail devoted to protecting the First Family at all costs.

3.) Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Image source: psmag.com

There are several Federal Reserve banks found in the United States which includes the Fort Knox. All of them has the most heightened levels of security. In the case of New Yorks’s Federal Bank Reserver robotics are used in their vaults while the outside security force is expertly trained in hand-to-hand combat as well as sharp shooting.

4.) Vatican Secret Archives, Italy

Image source: thehistory.com

Vatican Secret Archives in Italy is a storage facility that houses a wealth of forms, official documents, and ledgers from the Catholic Church since Catholicism began. These archives are set apart from the Vatican Library and ownership is passed down from Pope to Pope and is heavily guarded by one of the most badass guards, the Swiss Guards.

5.) Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

Image source: theverge.com

Have you ever wondered whether or not there is a back-up place should a worldwide famine or humanitarian apocalypse happen? If so, then we should be thankful for this humanitarian vault. The purpose is to preserve spare samples of seeds for the purpose of growing food should the need arise. It shelters hundreds of thousands of seeds collected all over the world.

6.) Tumen River

This serves as a crtitical gateway between North Korea, China, and Russia. On the North-Korean side of the fence, it is surrounded with land-mines and sniper towers to prevent the North Koreans from escaping. There have been thousands caught attempting to enter China through the river’s shallow waters but most of them were shot to death.

7.) Granite Mountain Records Vault, Utah, USA.

Image source: ldsliving.com

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saint in Utah, USA owns tons of archive of records and history. This is all house hundreds of feet inside Granite Mountain in Utah. The atmosphere is climate controlled to preserve the paper documents and micro film inside.

8.) Area 51, Nevada, USA

Image source: earthlymissions.com

Area 51 is very popular with aliens and UFO’s but it is actually a subsection of Edward’s Airforce base in Nevada that has special use air space and possesses an air of mystery that has captivated people around the world. Motion-triggered sensors surround the perimeter, patrols of armed guards are constantly surveying the grounds and protecting it from outsiders.

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