Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzles – Locations and Solutions

Fans of the Wizarding World should definitely check out the Hogwarts Legacy game. It offers an abundance of side quests that test your abilities and add a thrilling dimension to exploring this wonderful world.

One of these quests requires solving a puzzle door puzzle using simple addition math. This article will guide you through all the locations of these door puzzles and their solutions.

Arithmancy Door

Hogwarts Legacy offers a vast array of side quests, many of which challenge players to solve puzzles. One such test is Arithmancy Door, testing their mathematic abilities.

These doors may seem difficult to solve at first, but once you understand the cipher behind them and add two known numbers together, solving them becomes a breeze.

Once you have the cipher, simply rotate the question mark dials on each door to reveal creatures representing each number. This should give you your answer–usually a range of numbers from zero to nine–which can usually be determined by looking at animal symbols around the edge of each door frame.

There are 10 symbols, each representing a different number from zero to nine. For instance, a unicorn symbolizes one while the spider stands for eight.

Hogwarts Legacy players can find these ciphers in the Divination classroom near the Library Annex area and on a chalkboard next to it. If you don’t know how to use them, there is also a scrap of paper in a chest nearby that explains the code.

Once you decipher the cipher, solving Arithmancy door puzzles becomes much faster than expected. This opens up all of the hidden treasures behind each door, providing new Gear pieces and decorative items for the Room of Requirement. However, keep in mind that these doors are cryptic; casting Revelio may help you spot them quickly.

Divination Tower Door

Hogwarts Legacy is packed with puzzles and hidden mysteries, but one of the more intriguing is found in Divination Tower. This locked door sits inside an arch adorned with 10 symbols of magical beasts that require math to solve – making it one of Hogwarts Legacy’s more challenging challenges.

The symbols on the doors correspond to numbers, starting from zero and arranged clockwise from left to right. But they can be tricky to decipher at first. Fortunately, you’ll find an answer key in Divination Tower.

Each of the ten symbols on the door is associated with a number and must be replaced by its matching counterpart. To do this, use either a dial or a symbol roll.

Once you know which symbol to replace, the question mark on the dial will display the animal symbol that corresponds with each number on the diagram. After doing this, spin the dial for excitement!

By changing the symbols and numbers on the outside of the door, you’ll be able to view the actual diagram equation. Now, you need to figure out how these figures add up to the number in the center of the diagram.

Once you’re able to do that, use the Arithmancy cheat sheet in a chest near the Divination classroom to solve all of the Arithmancy puzzles. Doing so will unlock Arithmancy’s door and grant access to its classroom beyond.

Hogwarts has a total of 12 Arithmancy Doors located around the castle. One is in the library annex, and once solved it will grant access to the Arithmancy classroom. From there on out you can tackle each remaining Arithmancy Door one at a time until all are unlocked.

Great Hall Door

Have you ever wandered the halls of Hogwarts and encountered one of the many door puzzles scattered around? While these seemingly mysterious symbols represent magical creatures, they actually serve as simple math challenges!

Solving these puzzles requires finding out the numerical representation of each animal on each door. This is the missing piece of information needed to open other doors and uncover their treasures.

Solving the Great Hall Door is easy: take the large number in the triangle at the top, and subtract its surrounding smaller numbers to get each animal image’s corresponding value. For instance, the demiguise on the extreme left equals 0, while a unicorn with one horn corresponds to 1, a graphorn with two horns equals 2, while a three-headed Runespoor is 3; and so forth.

Once you’ve identified the answer, simply interact with the door once more and it will open! This is one of the initial door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy.

You’ll find this door in the Hogwarts Library Annex area, next to Arithmancy Door that leads to Arithmancy Classroom. It is your first opportunity to solve it yourself since there’s a note beside it with all four animal images representing certain numbers. Memorizing which animals represent which numbers will give you an advantage when solving other puzzles throughout the game; plus, this guide may even help complete Daedalian Key Quest!

Astronomy Wing Door

Hogwarts is filled with locked doors surrounded by symbols representing dragons and basilisks. To open them, you’ll need to solve an equation on the back panel – not too difficult even if you don’t know anything about math! Even if you don’t possess much mathematical aptitude, even beginners can get the hang of it!

One of Hogwarts Legacy’s most beloved puzzle doors can be found in Astronomy Wing. It’s easy to spot and you can finish it quickly after taking your initial charms class.

To unlock this door, quickly travel to Charms Classroom Floo Flame and then turn around. Take a corner on your left and look up at the wall for guidance.

Near the puzzle door, two dials appear: an upper ring is numbered 5 and a lower ring is 12. You must roll each of these on your large wall dice until they match exactly.

Once you’ve completed this task, the door will unlock and you can enter the room containing your final Collection Chest in Astronomy Wing.

You can find a Demiguise statue in the Southern Wing under Transfiguration Courtyard. This statue is hidden away behind a symbol door.

Another popular puzzle door can be found in North Hall, an Astronomy Wing building near the Transfiguration Classroom Floo Flame. Enter this small hallway to reveal a locked door with a level three lock on it – use Alohomora to unlock it and you’ll be rewarded with a Collection Chest!

Alohamora Door

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with locked doors and chests that require lockpicking in order to be opened. While some are easier than others, most still require some effort in order to open.

Hogwarts Legacy: Alohomora offers you a charm to unlock these doors and chests. This spell has been used by characters such as Hermione Potter and Sirius Black, making it an indispensable tool in the wizarding world.

Although this spell isn’t particularly powerful, it can be upgraded to a stronger version which unlocks Level 3 locks when collected enough Demiguise Statues are scattered around the map.

Hogwarts Legacy offers two main paths to getting the Alohomora charm: through ‘The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament’, one of the main story missions which can be completed around 5-7 hours into playtime.

Another way to obtain the charm is through ‘The Man Behind the Moons’, an optional side quest available after completing Chapter One of Hogwarts Legacy’s main storyline. This quest can be started after completing chapter one.

Once you complete this side quest, you’ll receive a new spell that allows you to strengthen the Alohomora charm. This will enable you to open Level 2 and higher locks in Hogwarts Legacy, making the rest of the game much smoother!

However, it’s worth noting that the Alohomora charm does not function as well on Level 1 locks as it does on higher ones. Therefore, make sure all other main story missions in Hogwarts Legacy are completed before trying to use this charm; doing so can save time and frustration in the long run!

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