Stay Away From These Insects At All Costs!

There are thousands of dangerous species that are lethal. But what scare you most? Snakes? or maybe bears or sharks? or insects. Snakes and other wild animals would probably your answer. But, actually many insect stings can cause many deadly diseases. Without proper treatment, some insect bites may even result in death. Here is the list of the eight most dangerous insects in the world.

1.) Bullet Ants

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It is largest ant species in the world. You can find them in the Amazon and the surrounding primeval forest in Paraguay and Costa Rica. Bullet Ant bit would feel like being shot, hence the name. A Bullet ant bite is 30 times more painful than a wasp or a honey bee.

2.) Fire Ants

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There are thousands of ant species in the world. But the fiercest of all “the Fire Ants” once disturbed, they would sting the intruder incessantly and aggressively. The fire ant sting is very painful and it will last for weeks! Their venom also would cause several skin problems.  Fire ants usually attack in a group of hundreds to ten thousand. The venom of fire ants can also result in a deadly allergic reaction.

3.) Giant Japanese Hornet

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It is the biggest and most aggressive species of hornet in the world. They can grow up to a size of 3 inches. There are up to 40 deaths are recorded by the sting of the Japanese hornet every year. The venom of the Japanese Hornet would cause an allergic reaction and dissolve tissues instantly.

There are 700 hornets in each colony of the Japanese Hornet. Going near them spells death!

4.) Kissing Bugs

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Kissing bugs are nasty bloodsuckers. It is named after their habit of biting the lips of humans while they sleep. They are also parasite transmitters of Trypanosoma Cruzi that causes the “Changas Disease”. It kills 12000 people every year especially in some parts of Africa. The Changa disease spread to animals and pets in the same way. The kissing bug bite results in instant changes within the victim’s body such as welts and rashes.

5.) Bot Flies

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Bot flies can lay eggs to the human body and it brings internal parasites. The larvae also live beneath human’s skin and cause diseases. The human bot flies mostly found across Central and South America. ‘Myiasis’ known parasite infestation makes severe changes in skin tissues.

The young female bot flies laid eggs within the skin of mammals. The larvae penetrate through skin and lives in subdermal zones of human skin for more than 60 days. The patients could feel the movement of larvae beneath their skin. Once larvae development gets complete, it leaves out of the body.

6.) Tsetse Flies

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TseTse flies is considered as the deadliest biting insect in Africa. They are thirsty bloodsuckers mainly feed on the blood of mammals and more specifically on humans. It injects potent toxin on each string that can be very painful. There are half a million people yearly that is succumb to death by these highly lethal flies. At the primary stage, the venom of tsetse flies would make sleeping sickness on the victim and it can lead to fatality without immediate treatment.

7.) Killer Bees

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They are also known africanized honey bees. It is the most aggressive and highly territorial bees in the world. A colony can follow the victim for more than a mile.

The killer bees aim for the face and eyes of their human victim. Their stings are not really toxic but they attack in a large number of groups for up to thousands. They live in a large colony of up to 100,000 members. Once threatened, the bees become alerted for next 24 hours and would attack any animals or humans that nearby.

8.) Driver Ants

Driver ant has the largest colony in the insect world. Each colony of driver ants has up to 22 million ants. Even elephants would run away from the group attack of driver ants. They wreack havock to any animal that comes across their path.

Driver ants typically kill thousands of different animals within a single raid. Driver ants are ruthless and very aggressive that they raid nests of other insects for food and kill them.

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