Top 10 Frightening Facts About McDonalds.

It is surely the most popular fast food in the world, where over 100 million people around the world eat per day. The iconic golden arches that more people recognize this symbol than enduring religious symbols. But lo and behold, McDonald’s also has dark secrets and a whole lot of disturbing facts about its franchise — from its strawberry milkshake and McNuggets to its business practices. Check out our list below for 10 disturbing facts about McDonald’s.

McSalads are more fattening than hamburgers.

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Trying to get healthy? but you want to have a McDonald’s for lunch? Surely that must be healthier than it’s hamburgers and sugar laden products, right? You would think so, but that is surely not the case. For example the Chicken Caesar salad comes to a total of 425 calories with — dressing and croutons — more than a cheeseburger, which is only at 300 calories! So you may be better off ordering the cheeseburger if you’re watching calories.

Its food does not spoil!

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McDonald’s foods are chemical laden, so it is not surprising that its food doesn’t age the way the normal organic food age. The chain uses a lot of a chemical called sodium propionate to prevent mold or bacterial growth. And it works — like a magic!

Fun fact, David Whipple, a Utah resident, found a paper wrapped McDonald’s hamburger in his coat pocket that he had forgotten about — in 1999. 14 years later, it was eerily still in tact and had barely no signs of decomposition.

They use fake eggs.

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So… yes they really use fake eggs. It’s a mixture that includes both eggs and a so called “egg blend”. But what’s in this egg blend? A solvent found in shaving cream and detergent. It also contains the easy to pronounce chemical dimethylpolysiloxane, which is a silicone that you can also find in Silly Putty. There’s also calcium silicate, which is sealant used in concrete and on roofs. Omo! And of course, to copy the real texture and flavor of actual eggs, there’s a whole host of additional chemicals.

Sugar even in non-sweet food.

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It is not really surprising that they use tons of sugar in their food. But did you know that every single item on McDonald’s menu — even the seemingly non sweet ones — contain sugar?

In fact, there are only seven items in the entire menu that contain no sugar at all. So if you’re cutting down the sweet, good luck. Items like the fruit smoothie, a seemingly healthy item, has more sugar than a Coke. And the wholesome sounding fruit and maple oatmeal? More sugar than a bag of M&Ms. Other surprising items that contain sugar are the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, the Sausage McGriddle — even the Southwest Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Salad.

McRibs are not made of real ribs.

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Remember when the McRib was first introduced? It went all rage. It was a cheap way of getting your rib fix. But, just like the famous Chicken McNuggets, turns out the McRib aren’t really ribs. In fact, there is very little of the product seems to be ribs at all. The McRib is actually made up of heart, scalded stomach, and tripe — “assembled meat product”. Salt and water is then used to replace proteins from the muscle, which bind everything together to make it look like ribs.

Chicken Mcnuggets are not made entirely of chicken.

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You know those bite-size Chicken McNuggets? Well, it turns out they’re not 100% made of chicken. The chicken you’ll find in their nuggets is 50% fat… with a side of blood vessels and nerves. The nerves were from the cells that lined the skin and internal organs of the chicken. It is also filled with bone and cartilage. It is of course easier to make the nuggets this way, and they are a huge calorie bomb.

Toxic Strawberry Milkshakes


Their strawberry milkshake is less strawberry and more chemical. Did you know that the shake alone contains roughly 50 chemicals! — all present just to mimic the refreshing real taste of strawberries? Moreover, tons of dose of sugar, which comes in such forms as corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, and etc. And here are just a few of the yummy sounding chemicals makeup infused in the shake for its strawberry taste — amyl acetate, butyric acid, ethyl butyrate, isobutyl anthranilate, and much, much, much more. !

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