Top 5 Most Powerful Militaries Around The World.

As the battlefield incessantly evolves, leading countries around the world pour hundreds of billions of dollars each year into their security and military forces in their quest to develop the most advanced training, technology, and weaponry.

Global Firepower, a website about military statistics, says the following five armies are the most powerful, based on these categories.

Military might, Annual Budget and financials, Logistical Power, and Geography.

5.) Japan

Military Budget this year: $101 billion

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Japan has an active military personnel of 247,160. This small Asian country only has a fraction of the headcount compared to that combative neighbor North Korea, but makes up for it with its superior cutting-edge weaponry.

Japan has 152 special mission aircraft – more than any country in the world and second to the U.S., according to Global Firepower’s statistics – and a formidable Navy fleet that contains 40 destroyers.

It also has 3,130 armored vehicles, 1,004 tanks, and 119 attack helicopters.

4.) India

Military Budget this year: $61 billion

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A powerhouse in south Asia, India has been engaged since the early 1900s in a neverending territorial conflict with nearby Pakistan over the Kashmir region, has an estimated 1,444,000 people actively serving in its armed forces.

According to Global Firepower says the developing nation is amongst the world’s leaders in the number of tanks (4,292), towed artillery (4,060) and fighter aircraft (538).

3.) China

Military Budget this year: $237 billion

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The most powerful country in Asia and the second largest economy in the world has a growing adversary to the U.S., ranking third on this list.

It has the largest active personnel in the world with a number of 2,183,000 –

China has been continuously building out its Navy in recent years with no signs of stopping. And this causes territorial disputes across the South China Sea, particularly with the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Japan. Today, they have 74 submarines, 52 frigates, and 36 destroyers, According to Global Firepower.

On land, China has 33,000 armored vehicles and 3,500 tanks. Their Air Force has amassed 1,232 fighter aircraft and 281 attack helicopters.

2.) Russia

Military Budget this year: $48 billion

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Russia plays a significant role in Syria and Ukraine conflict in recent years. They have the most tanks of any country in the world: 12,950, more than twice what the U.S. has,  Global firepowers says.

It boasts 1,013,628 strong active personnel, on land, is in charge of commanding 27,038 armored vehicles, 6,083 units of self-propelled artillery and 3,860 rocket projectors.

Russia’s air force has 873 fighter aircraft and 531 attack helicopters. Russian Navy have 62 submarines and 48 mine warfare ships.

1.) United States

Military Budget this year: $750 Billion

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Not surprisingly, the U.S. “remains on the top spot as the undisputed military power in the world over the years” Global Firepower says.

America has more air units than any other country on Earth, with 2,085 fighters, 967 attack helicopters, 945 means of transport and 742 special mission aircraft.

The U.S. also leads the world with 39,253 armored vehicles, 91 Navy destroyers, and 20 aircraft carriers. It has an estimated 1,400,000 active personnel.

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